Double Triple

Double Triple is a new sports & lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people move and be active.

As the brand launches, their first product line is an energy drink made from 100% natural ingredients. We were approached by Double Triple to design their identity system and packaging. The identity system was based on the concept of the movement and capturing the wild spirit of the brand.

With that in mind, we dove into a world of bold and vibrant colors that expands into everything, from product labeling to product photography and social media content. While color is a key player in the identity system, we paired that with a type system consisted of a singular typeface. For the logo, we wanted to create something that was both natural and dynamic. We drew inspiration from the flow of nature and the movement of sports, and crafted a logo that has rounded edges giving it a sense of fluidity and movement.

Double Triple makes tasty and healthy energy drinks, and they don't stop there, they provide their customers with the best equipment to help them tackle any adventure that comes their way.

Year: 2023

Client: Double Triple

Industry: beverages

Deliverables: Naming, Brand strategy, Identity, Packaging, Art Direction, CGI